Sunday, November 30, 2008


Tomorrow's December so it's okay to really enjoy Christmastime now:

These nutcrackers are cute partly because of the Property of Cute Multiples. This property states that cute things are exponentially cuter when there are more than one of them. This explains the attraction of twins, triplets, and litters of puppies. Plus the nutcrackers' teeth are also really cute the way they're rounded and bared like that.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Tree Family

I know I posted these last year, but this is actually a new generation - new and improved! They are now stuffed and closed up at the bottom, and available in the shop, ready to be adopted.

Tree Family

So what makes these little guys cute? It's mainly due to the faces. It's a well documented fact that adding faces to things that don't normally have faces immediately ups the level of cuteness. The exact percentage of cuteness added varies, but it is usually a significant difference.

This leaves us with the question of why the addition of a face makes things cute. Perhaps as humans we can identify with other beings that have personalities and facial expressions. Or maybe it's because we can imagine them watching us and talking to us. Regardless, who wouldn't want a set of these brightening up their home for the holidays, right?!

Official Opening

Now that I've got my Animalicules etsy shop, I've decided it's time to move over to the Animalicules blog as well. So this is the Official Grand Opening of my new blog! I'll still be posting mostly the same stuff I was posting at Ye-Xiao but hopefully more often, and with more variety. The theme of this blog is of course, cuteness! The main questions I want to explore are:
  • What makes things cute?
  • Why are we attracted to cuteness (some of us more than others)?
  • Where is all the cute stuff hiding?
Join me on my journey to discover the essence of cute and spread cuteness to all ends of the earth!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Critters for sale!

As I've told some of you, I've decided to try selling my softies! People sometimes tell me I should and I figure it's a good way to spread the cuteness. So I've opened up my etsy shop - it's called Animalicules. I just put up a few things to start with, some sheep and a pig. But there will be more stuff added as I go along. So check it out! And keep it in mind if you or someone you know is ever looking for a baby gift (or just something cute).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mouse in the House

Looks like we have a rodent infestation. Hanging out like he owns the place!


Whatever we tried, nothing seemed to intimidate him.


We finally convinced him to leave our house by promising to take him to a party. Little did he know it was a baby shower and he'd be going home with the baby! Heh heh.