Monday, March 30, 2009

Animalicules on Allover Art

Check me out - The animalicules and I are featured on a cool blog called Allover Art. She asked lots of questions, so you can read all about me over there!

I've also made a facebook page for the Animalicules. If you're on facebook, you can become a fan and support us that way!

I've got more bunny photos coming soon too so stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cutest Cupcake

This Sweet Dreams video, starring a Cupcake, is very cute. If you're reading this in an email feed, you'll have to click through to the site to watch it but trust me it's worth it! It's 10 minutes long but at least just watch the beginning to get your daily dose of cute. Be forewarned - it does get a little racy. I found this video a few weeks ago but now I see that it just won an award at SXSW - congratulations to Kirsten Lepore!
So, on to the analysis:
First of all - a waffle cone lamp? a sugar cube building? veggie towns? It doesn't get much cuter than that. Mostly because the things are made of unexpected materials, but not just any old materials - edible materials. I haven't tested this theory yet but it's quite possible that almost anything made of a waffle cone would be cute.

Second of all - it's a cupcake - but it acts like a person! As do the donuts, cinnamon buns, butternut squash, lime, pear, and all the others. Objects (perhaps especially food) that are humanoid have a very high likelihood of being adorable.

Lastly, even the music is cute! No talking is needed because the music says it all. I love it! And I hope you do too.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kissing Cousins

Kissing Cousins
This might have been a good photo for Valentine's Day, but it's too late for that. I've been wanting to make pigs in all different colors and I'm still planning to, but so far I just have the two. They are kind of like cousins - there's definitely a resemblance but they have major differences, like in skin tone. We already know multiples and different colors are cute. But what really makes this photo is the kiss - the emotion that is evoked by those two flat little noses touching. I'm sure others have researched why touching noses or lips together expresses love, but I'm just here to say that cute things kissing is even cuter. Smooch!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Beans

Not everything that's cute has to have a face. Though adding a face usually does make things cute. There's an axiom somewhere in there but I'm not sure what it is. Anyways, these big jelly beans are wool on the outside and rice on the inside. So without faces or personalities, what makes them cute?
  • Multiples: The more the cuter!
  • Colors: The bright colors go so well together and make you want to gobble them up.
  • Nesting: They don't exactly nest the way those geese did but the way they are laid out here reminds me of a tesselation.
Couldn't you just stare at them all day? I wish I had a whole room full of them, like the girl in the picture. I also wish I had that wool felt in every color imaginable, like the picture.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Purple and Orange Sheep

Black Sheep's nemesis is Purple and Orange Sheep. Something about the clashing colors means they just can't get along and each one thinks the other is out to ruin his life. Black Sheep uses his natural coloring and stealth to sneak up on other sheep at night, when he can camouflage with the dark. Purple and Orange Sheep uses his neon colors to jump out at other sheep and blind them. It's an age old story - will these two never find harmony??

This guy was actually a custom sheep I made last month for someone that found me on etsy. Crazy colors, I know, it was apparently some kind of inside joke. Fun to do something different though!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Black Sheep

This little guy is the black sheep of his family. They let him hang around but he's always grazing at the edge of the pasture. Something about him is just off, different from the rest of the flock. If you ask the other sheep they won't say just what he ever did, but we do know he never managed to grow a brightly colored fleece.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's a little known fact that animalicules are not all born with perfect hair. Trust me you wouldn't want to see some of these guys when they first get up in the morning. They have bad hair days just like the rest of us, though for the strawberries it's actually bad leaf days. But after a quick trip to the salon for a new leafstyle, they're good to go. Check out the transformation:
When they first get their leaves sewed on, they end up looking like the before picture - sticking up all crazy, basically what we know as bed-head. It takes a little blocking (wetting the yarn so you can shape and mold it) to get their leaves lying flat and looking pretty. Usually one styling will last a lifetime though so they don't have to spend as much money on stylists as people do.

There you have it - a little peek into the life and creation of an animalicule. This guy is even for sale in the shop!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chair Collection

Mom's chair has a new home: a cabinet - and a new family: all the other chairs in it! This is Phoebe's chair collection:
Can you find the newest addition? Aren't the chairs cute? Of course they are, they're all mini after all! And there are multiple of them! Double cute points. Can't you just imagine all the chairs in there talking to each other in Chairish? Probably wondering when a collection of mini-people will come sit on them.