Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mini Bird's Nest

We've all seen the Bird's Nest, right? The Beijing Olympic stadium?

But did you know they have mini bird's nest lamps all around the stadium?!?
They light up the paths that go all around that part of the Olympic Park.

I know, adorable right? I've previously discussed the fact that being mini makes things extra cute, as does having multiple things that look the same. But there's something more here, affecting our cute sensibilities. I think it has to do with the Bird's Nest being famous, and recognizable. Imagine if the Eiffel Tower had little Eiffelettes all around it. Or if Big Ben had lots of Little Bens leading up to it. Can you even imagine the cute possibilities? Why has no one else thought of this? Oh wait, the Chinese just did.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Softies on Vacation!

Softies in Vietnam
We (and the Animalicules) are back from vacation! Check them out visiting Ha Long Bay. We couldn't find kayaks small enough but they did get perfectly sized conical hats! Just the thing for keeping the sun off their sensitive eyes. And pretty cute too!