Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Nest

We moved into our Central Square mini apartment on September 1st. We came into the apartment, looked around, and lo and behold, what could be on the windowsill but *gasp* a bird's nest:

There it is in all its glory. A very auspicious sign!
I suggested we use it to make that infamous Chinese delicacy - bird's nest soup, but LZ didn't think it was such a great idea.

Now, to make this blog more interactive, I have a challenge for all of you:
What is wrong with this picture?

If anyone gets it right and has a good explanation, maybe they'll get a prize!


the pixie said...

somebody put that nest there! it didn't fall from anywhere nearby. and from the looks of it, they had to strangle the bird before they could move the nest away. did you do this? you probably did.

eileen said...

I think the problem with the nest is that big grey feather sticking up on the right. I don't really know much about birds, but it looks to me like that feather couldn't have come from any bird that would fit in that nest. That's my guess, I hope you were serious about the prize part.

Louisa said...

I did not strangle any birds, at least not yet.

True that feather is oddly large.

Obviously the weird part is that the nest is inside the window instead of outside. But how did it get there????

There could really be a prize if anyone knows why (and I didn't already tell them). said...

Plainly, it was collected from somewhere and place on the inside windowsill. But from where? From a hedge? Does the creator wish it had stayed for next spring?

Anonymous said...

2 possible ideas:

1. There's two bird nests stuck together.

2. It's not a birds nest. Maybe it's a squirrel's nest.

Helen and Peter

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the nest? We've all been thinking, two months worth of five people thinking, and we just don't know. Loule, dear friend, pray tell.

JooJ said...

I think that the screens were out of the windows for some reason or another, and since it was spring/summer the window was open, and a bird decided to build there.