Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Apples Apples Everywhere!


On Sunday we went apple-picking. It was our first zipcar adventure! My zipcard was defective and wouldn't unlock the car so we got off to a rocky start but after a phone call to customer service, it was smooth sailing. We went to One Stack Orchard in Stow, MA. They have lots of apples to pick and an old cider press where they make unhomogenized cider. No hay rides, no corn mazes, just apple trees! After we picked more apples than we'll ever eat, we drove around admiring the foliage.

In other news, exactly one year ago yesterday LZ and I moved (back) to the US. It is a momentous occasion. Overall, it was a pretty good year.


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Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary (of moving)!
I'm glad to see LZ is prepared for hunting season, with his orange jacket, too!