Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas Spirit


The Christmas spirit lives on Jackson Road. That's what the sign said out front and from what I saw, I'd say it's definitely true. From my aunt's house in Cornish, you just go down the muddy driveway, across the dirt road, along a stream, up a hill, around a bend, and you can't miss the glowing wonderland. It's only halfway decorated and already there's so much - they not only did their house but the mountain too. There are two tractors and a motorcycle covered with lights, a bunch of miniature displays in glass cases, numerous inflated holiday characters, a sleigh with Santa and his crew, a creche, Christmas music playing continuously, Rudolph's red nose shining up on the mountaintop, candy canes galore, I could go on and on. And that's only the outside - I won't even begin to describe the inside. Needless to say it was truly amazing. Clearly the highlight of our Thanksgiving in New Hampshire.

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