Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cutest Cupcake

This Sweet Dreams video, starring a Cupcake, is very cute. If you're reading this in an email feed, you'll have to click through to the site to watch it but trust me it's worth it! It's 10 minutes long but at least just watch the beginning to get your daily dose of cute. Be forewarned - it does get a little racy. I found this video a few weeks ago but now I see that it just won an award at SXSW - congratulations to Kirsten Lepore!
So, on to the analysis:
First of all - a waffle cone lamp? a sugar cube building? veggie towns? It doesn't get much cuter than that. Mostly because the things are made of unexpected materials, but not just any old materials - edible materials. I haven't tested this theory yet but it's quite possible that almost anything made of a waffle cone would be cute.

Second of all - it's a cupcake - but it acts like a person! As do the donuts, cinnamon buns, butternut squash, lime, pear, and all the others. Objects (perhaps especially food) that are humanoid have a very high likelihood of being adorable.

Lastly, even the music is cute! No talking is needed because the music says it all. I love it! And I hope you do too.


mabel (she's the bomb) said...

granted it was INCREDIBLY cute but don't you think the cupcake/squash sex was a little weird? how do you account for that on the cute-o-meter? if its a little bit lewd, can it still be cute? how does lewdness affect cuteness?

Louisa said...

Hehe good question. I told you it was racy! And definitely totally weird. Lewdness and cuteness, I will have to research that. So far I don't think I've come across anything lewd that I thought was still cute, but I'm not ruling out the possibility just yet.

Abby RJ said...

Also has a good veggie-positive message!!