Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sheep Pops

Okay I know you've had enough bunnies for a while. So let's move on to sheep. We all know sheep can be very cute, especially knit sheep. Something about their fluffy fleeces perched on those little black legs. Actually, real live sheep are much less cute, particularly because their fur is usually all dirty and matted with hay sticking to it. Very disappointing. So let's stick to the cute sheep. And this week - the edible ones:
These sheep pops by Bakerella are so adorable they barely look edible. But if you read her other posts about pops, you'll see they're actually made of cake inside. Now let's list the cute factors here, shall we?
  • Thinking about cake inside a little lamb's tummy is a cute idea in itself.
  • Those little dangling legs are to die for. If that sheep was not on a stick, it wouldn't even be able to walk it's so chubby.
  • Their chubbiness makes them look like floating balloons.
  • The teensy heart nose!
  • Their sugary-woolliness.
And there you have it! Adorable little sheep pops. The recipe to make them as well as tons of other cute cake pops are all on Bakerella's site. Next up will be another delectable ovine treat! Stay tuned.


Hollyrocks said...

Those are adorable, I'm in love!!

luna47 said...

So cute... and your description is perfect and hilarious.. hehehehe