Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pretty Present

I'm back! Did you miss me and your periodic dose of cuteness? I think pretty much everyone who has a blog sometimes just doesn't blog for a while. We get busy with other things of course, but more importantly sometimes we just don't feel like posting. I haven't been making any animalicules lately which I think is why I wasn't really inspired to post things. I don't anticipate having much time to make critters in the near future either, so your doses of cuteness will likely be pretty sporadic. You've been warned. And without further ado, today's featured item:

This isn't cute in the way critters are, but I made it, so it's blogworthy. This is definitely my best wrapping job ever and I'm very happy with it. It's for a friend's wedding which is navy themed, so no I didn't randomly decide to make it blue and yellow with anchors on it. It may come as a surprise, but I don't usually put much effort into wrappings. Most times I shove it in a bag or just say close your eyes and stick out your hands. But then I started thinking about all the possibilities... and this is what I settled on. Want to find out what's inside? Check back after the wedding and I'll post the goodies!


Robert said...

Hoooray for thje retuirn of tghe cuteness!!!!!!

Joanna said...

Adorable Lool! I have been missing my updates on cute, but I think that everyone deserves a little break in the summer.

Helen said...

I bet it's a BIG BOX critter with a flat face inside with no appendages. that would be cute.

peter & i decided that there is a positive relationship between cuteness and less appendages.