Monday, August 24, 2009

Frog & Froglet

I love walking, and one reason is that you never know what kinds of cute things you'll come across when you're going slow enough to notice them. Even when you're biking there are too many things to look out for to be able to spot the critters around you. New York, and probably all cities, is a great place for cute-spotting. Here's something I found with my friend Andres when I was there last weekend.

It was after brunch, we were walking somewhere else, and if he hadn't taken me that way we would have never found this froggie! But the cutest part, which I believe Andres actually spotted, is the mini froglet - get this - in between the big frog's cute WEBBED TOES! Check out the close-up:

Amazing, right? These guys are cute for plenty of reasons. The froglet is mini of course! And the frog is giant, which can also maximize cuteness. And what further magnifies the perceived cute levels is the two of them together in contrast, making the one look even tinier and the other even bigger. Whoever designed this sculpture is a genius!

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