Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giant Ornaments

These don't exactly exude cuteness - also I took the pictures with my phone, in the rain - but the attraction here obviously lies in the fact that they are GIANT! You see, giant Christmas ornaments make everything else around them look mini. And we all know that mini things are super-cute! So next time you are walking by Radio City Music Hall in New York, and it's Christamstime, keep an eye out for these giant ornaments and lights, as well as the giant nutcrackers that I was too wet to take a picture of.


Anonymous said...

But big things lack the usual detail and thus seem like simple little thing and hence achieve cuteness. Im hanging out with some Mayan kids in Belize who are very cute becasue they seem to live simple lives and giggle a lot. And they are cute like all kids

Sarah! said...

I have a picture of these too. I think I have pictures of the giant soldiers though. no nutcrackers.